Packing: DO NOT OVER-PACK!!!!!

1. Consult your cruise brochure or recommended packing list from your tour operator for suggested day and evening attire. Closet and drawer space are at a premium on all ships, so pack carefully. If taking a land tour, remember you will have to pay for your luggage and you will most likely be moving from place to place, so pack light.   I actually do a written list for the week, so I can coordinate outfits that can be worn with the same shoes, jackets, or accessories. A little planning makes it easier to pack efficiently and quickly. Don’t forget that (especially in the Caribbean) you will probably buy some island clothing. Most people show up in their new island clothes at one or more of the informal dinner nights. If you think that you are likely to be one of them, don’t bring something from home for one or two nights. For those of you on your 50th cruise, this probably won’t apply.

2. Don’t forget specialty items like snorkel gear, golf shoes, sunhat, water shoes, tennis shoes, hiking shoes, and long pants if you are going to horseback ride. You cannot use exercise equipment on the ship unless you wear sneakers.

3. Unless you are addicted to your soap and shampoo, find out if these are provided in your cabin. On most ships, shower gel, shampoo and body lotion are provided. Why drag yours along?