Know Before You Go


Know Before You Go

For the latest travel advisory, passport and visa requirements, and consular information about countries on you itinerary go to :

To register your travel itinerary with the U.S. Department of State go to:

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Preparation for International Travel

1. If you do not have a frequent flyer number for the airline you are on, or one of its partners, sign up for one now. Once you have the number you can call the airline and have the number recorded with your ticket.

2. Reconfirm e-tickets 72 hours before your flight and reconfirm baggage weight limits.  Notify your credit card company of your itinerary so they don’t suspend your account on the basis of suspected fraud.

3. Make sure that your have sufficient prescription medications for the entire trip. Do this a few weeks before hand so you aren’t in a panic trying to get new prescriptions/or get refills at the last minute. Carry prescription medications on your person. You may want to have back-ups in your suitcase, as well.


5. You should make copies of your passport photo page and put them in each of your suitcases.  Its a good idea to leave a copy with someone at home, in case they need to fax it to the U.S. Embassy, in the event your passport is lost or stolen.

6. Make sure you know your luggage size/weight limits for the airline on which you will be traveling.

7. You should make a list of the phone number for reporting lost/stolen credit cards and/or traveler’s checks to you take with you. Keep it in a separate place from your credit cards.

8. Take more than one credit card and always leave one in the safe on the ship.

9. Make sure that you have PIN numbers for all your credit cards so you can use them in ATM to get cash.
a. Some ATM in Europe have no zero’s so if your PIN has a zero, change it.
b. Some ATM in Europe do not have the letters or the letters are printed in a foreign alphabet, on the keypad, just numbers. So if you know your PIN as a word, you have to memorize it as a number.

10. Never use ATM on a ship. Fees are exorbitant.

11. Check with your credit card company to find out what fees they charge when you take cash advances.