Travel Checklist




1.  Be Sure to Have the Following Travel Documents with you and carried ON YOUR PERSON, for your trip:


____  Passports  (you should leave a copy of it with someone you could reach in the USA)

____   Cruise or Tour Boarding Documents or Reservation Confirmation.

____  Airline E Ticket and boarding passes, if you checked in on line

____  Complete Travel Insurance Policy

____  Copy of Cruise line shore excursion(s) and/or beverage package confirmation(s)  (if you pre-booked).

____  Hotel/car reservation confirmations, if any.

____  Luggage Tags, if provided.  Don’t put them on until you are heading for the ship.

____  Leave a copy of your travel itinerary with family member, child care provider or pet sitters, so they can reach you in an emergency.

____  All Medications that you will need.  To check international rules about carrying prescription (and some non-prescription) medications, visit:





2.  Make sure you have frequent flyer numbers for all airlines on which you will travel,  and get them added to your air reservation.  Check luggage limitations for all airlines that you will be flying.  Pay special attention to restrictions that exist for in country flights on smaller planes.  Adjust packing strategy accordingly.


3.  1 week before you leave,  notify credit card company of you travel itinerary so they don’t cut you off suspecting fraud.


4.  24 hours before your flight, visit airline website and check in and print boarding passes.  When traveling internationally, you may not be permitted to print a boarding pass until you get to the airport.


5.  Keep your e-tickets and all boarding passes until they are home and see that your miles have posted to your account.