Fiji and New Zealand Honeymoon, September 2016 by Alison R.

Deciding to have Mary Ann Born plan our honeymoon was one of the best decisions we have ever made.  We told Mary Ann we wanted a mix of adventure with relaxation and she made our dream become a reality.  From the first moment we talked with Mary Ann we felt excited to be working with her.  Her pleasant demeanor and attention to detail was evident in the detailed itinerary she put together.  When we received our final packet in the mail from her with our travel schedule, vouchers and notes with her helpful hints, we immediately felt relieved and so happy that we made to decision to work with her.  Planning a wedding is stressful enough, so having someone else take care of the honeymoon was priceless.  It that wasn’t enough, while traveling to Fiji we learned our flight was canceled and we would then miss our catamaran to the Island.  We contacted Mary Ann in a panic and she went above and beyond to make sure our trip would not be negatively impacted.  She arranged us a private helicopter to the Island once we landed which ended up being a highlight of our trip!  She even helped file our travel claim so we could be reimbursed due to the cancelation.  This reminded us of the importance of using a travel agent when traveling to an unknown place.  We cannot say enough great things about Mary Ann.  Our New Zealand and Fiji honeymoon gave us memories we will have for a lifetime and it was perfect thanks to Mary Ann.  We cannot wait until she plans our next great adventure!


Italy, Greece and Turkey Group Land and Cruise Vacation,  July-August 2015 by Maureen Z.

Aug. 13, 2015

First of all I would like to thank Mary Ann and her husband at Born To Travel, for the trip of a lifetime I just came home from a 17 day trip to Turkey, Italy and Greece,3 days were spent in Rome,11 night cruise and ending with 3 nights in beautiful Venice, in which every detail was taken care by Mary Ann all reservations, hotel rooms, tours, tips, food, drink packages, Flights and Cruise accommodations, Mary Ann and her husband Jeff accompanied our tour of 12. Not only were they wonderful company I feel I made two new friends, I will certainly call Born To Travel again it was the easiest vacation I ever planned Mary Ann did everything I just had to show up. Thank you both for an amazing trip and many laughs.


Alaska Cruiser, July of 2015 by Tracy G.

Aug. 12, 2015

Mary Ann Born is the best travel agent you could ask for.  She is tremendously invested in her clients; she is very experienced, and makes it her business to go on a variety of cruises so she knows the real deal, and can help you to plan for your particular needs.  She is a detail maniac, a crisis-averter, a question-answerer, no matter when or how needed.  In preparing for our trip, she gave honest opinions of what she thought would be worth our money, thus ensuring we felt we got great value for the cost; she sent us all necessary documentation early, so any problems could be resolved promptly. She was available to us when we hit a couple of stumbling blocks with vendors mid-voyage (not her fault!) In short, I highly recommend her, we had an excellent adventure, and I can’t wait to enlist her assistance for the next one.


Maid of Honor, bachelorette party by L. Burk

December 26, 2014

Thank you, Thank you, Born To Travel

The job of Maid of Honor is not an easy job! If you’ve had the honor of being a MOH before, you know what I mean. My lovely friend (the bride) selected to take a cruise for her BacheloretteParty with eleven of her closest friends and family members, and it was my responsibility to plan it! The ages of the friends and family members ranged from 27 to 67, so it was important to the bride that everyone was accommodated appropriately and were able to have a great time.

Mary Ann Born from Born to Travel was recommended to me by a friend. Truthfully, I was skeptical to use a travel agency because I was so use to booking things online myself. Looking back now, I couldn’t imagine organizing the bachelorette trip without Mary Ann. It was evident from the beginning that she knew what she was talking about and she took care of EVERYTHING- right down to the check-in and bottles of champagne in our staterooms!

Everyone on the trip had an absolute blast! We made great memories and were able to enjoy ourselves the entire time without worrying about any issues. Again, everything we asked for was arranged and taken care of. I recommend Born to Travel with enthusiasm! Mary Ann Born was reliable and made planning such an important trip for my friend a breeze.


Destination wedding and honeymoon by S. White

August 13, 2014

I approached mary ann with born to travel to inquire about a destination cruise wedding. From our first conversation i knew she was going to go above and beyond for me. My husband and i decided on a cruise wedding and Mary Ann coordinated every one of our guests (all 70 of them). Not only did she book everyone not one person had a problem with a reservations. She also upgraded my husband and I to a beautiful suite which we were beyond surprised when we saw it. Not only did she book our cruise along with our 70 guests she booked our honeymoon too. We traveled to ireland for 12 days. She made sure the trip was flawless and changed it for us a couple of times because she didn’t want us to backtrack on our journey. I commend mary Ann to be able to book so many people at once and not have any problems arise. Mary Ann was such a pleasure to work with and I can’t wait to use her for all of our future vacations. =]


Family with Special Needs

March 25, 2013

We just returned from another excellent cruise arranged by Mary Ann Born from
Born to Travel. Vacations should be fun and hassle-free and Mary Ann goes above
and beyond from the moment of your initial contact. She is a knowledgeable,
friendly professional that takes all the worry out of your travels starting with
the initial check in process to disembarking, from scheduling shows, email
reminders for excursions, and setting up dinnertime. We travel with a disabled
son and Mary Ann anticipates every potential need that may occur, assuring that
our accommodations and all special requirements are met before we even arrive! I
must commend Mary Ann for her quick response to an incident that occurred with
my son (who was in a wheelchair) while returning to the ship and moving through
the local security check. The actions of the local security caused much distress
to my son and family affecting his transition onto the ship in the next port as
well. After discussing the details with Mary Ann, she was quick to report the
incident to ship authorities and further followed up with the ship company upon
returning home advocating for the rights of my son. Thank you Mary Ann for all
you continue to do to make our vacation cruise a remarkable event.

Costa Rica Honeymoon by Ashley Loveland

March 19, 2013

Mary Ann went above and beyond to make our honeymoon to Costa Rica both amazing
and unforgettable!!! She took care of every detail from transportation, to
amazing accommodations and unbelievable excursions to give us wonderful memories
for a lifetime. We can not say enough about how great our trip was and it was
all thanks to Mary Ann with Born To Travel.

Cruise Wedding by Sarah Choi

March 1, 2013

When my husband and I decided to get married, we knew we wanted to do
something different and fun.  We would be inviting friends and family from all
over the country so a “destination” wedding made just as much sense as having a
traditional wedding that everyone would have to travel to.  My family has been
on many many cruises together and book all of our travel through Mary Ann at
Born to Travel.  She suggested a cruise wedding and we thought it sounded like a
unique and special way to celebrate our big day and turn it into a week long
As a busy law student, I did not have much time to coordinate wedding
details.  Mary Ann worked closely with my husband and I and the cruise line to
make everything perfect.  We were able to have a spectacular, and very
affordable, wedding ceremony and reception that had everything that was
important to us — including specific flowers, music, food, and using my
husband’s cousin as our officiant.
Mary Ann coordinated all of our friends’ and family’s travel arrangements,
from their airfare, to booking the cruise, to setting up pre-wedding hotel
accommodations, and a cocktail rehearsal party.  It was so fun to have 70 of our
closest friends and family join us on a cruise after the wedding.  We loved
spending so much time with everyone!  Since not everyone could join us for the
cruise, we had our actual wedding on the cruise departure day, on the boat while
it was docked in Miami.  Mary Ann coordinated everyone’s documentation and
travel arrangements so our remaining guests could join us on the ship for the
wedding and disembark before the ship sailed.
We had an absolute perfect day and it never would have been possible
without the help of Mary Ann at Born to Travel.  She is highly organized,
enthusiastic, and extremely knowledgable.  Our non-traditional wedding was a
blast and it was memorable for us and our friends and family.


By Elizabeth Paliotti

March 18, 2013

Mary Ann is so knowledgeable about the trips she plans. It’s refreshing dealing with a person who has recently been where she’s sending me! Her first hand information is invaluable.


Amazing Trip Planning by Jessica Kern

Oct. 4, 2011

Mary Ann did an amazing job finding exactly what we wanted for our Alaskan honeymoon cruise tour.  We knew the places we wanted to go and the length of the trip we wanted.  The trip was not offered with one company so Mary Ann created our trip seamlessly into what we wanted using two different touring companies.  And she did it all within our budget.  She has amazing attention for detail and makes sure youknow exactly what you need to be doing every step of the way.  I couldn’t have put together a trip that came even close to what Mary Ann put together for us.  We will definitely be contacting Mary Ann when we are ready for another vacation!


Awesome Service and Prices by Davalene Cooper

Sept. 1, 2011

For the past few years, the only travel agency I have used for my personal travel has been Born To Travel.  I have also been on several of the Born To Travel trips.  And I cannot imagine using anyone else to be my travel agent other than Mary Ann Born.  I love to travel, but I have a very busy life and I do not want to spend time researching the places I want to see and then managing of of the details for a trip.  With Born To travel, I do not do any of that work.  Mary Ann Born takes care of ALL of the details (she even fills out the information required for forms for cruise embarkation!).  There is no one better to plan and organize your vacation!  And despite giving all the best personalized service you could want, she manages to find the best deals and prices as well.  Born To Travel is just amazing–and with her help, I am moving through my\”bucket-list\” of places in the world I want to see!


Efficiency by JoAnn Dalessio

Aug. 29, 2011

Over the years of cruising we have never received the level of personal care that we get from Mary Ann at Born To Travel.  All of the cruises that we have booked with Mary Ann have been handled not only with high efficiency but with our personal needs in mind.  From dining times, side trips, conveniently located accomodations, and booking private parties, she has gone out of her way to see that we are always happy travelers.  We really appreciate the effort she puts forth and we wouldn’t book with anyone other than Mary Ann at Born To Travel.  We thank her.  Mr.& Mrs. Richard Dalessio


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