Money Saving Tips


Cruising for Free**

The major cruise lines offer a free birth for every sixteen passengers sailing together on the same date. Cruising for free means that the sixteenth passenger (this would be you if you get the group together) pays only port charges and government taxes. This us usually around $200.00 for a seven-night cruise.

Here’s how easy it is. Pick the cruise that you want to take and the date(s) that you want to travel. Call us to get the group prices for the sailing(s) in which you are interested. Then call your friends and family and share the great deal with them. Provide their contact information to us and let us do the rest! If you muster up enough family and friends to fill eight cabins with at least two persons in each cabin, you get the free** birth.


Saving Money on Cruise Fares

1. Cruise with a group- best option for families because last-minute specials usually don’t allow for more than two persons in a room. To see our current group promotions, click here.

2. Travel during the shoulder seasons of October-December 20th,  January,  and May.

3. Be a group leader and cruise for free*.

4. Travel at the last minute—this is only good for singles or couples who don’t care where they go, as long as it is cheap. Email us with dates of your time off and preferred destinations and we will watch for last minute bargains for you.

5. Pay attention to the mailings from you loyalty memberships—look at the coupons and keep them in mind when planning your next cruise vacation.

6. Buy airfare for school vacation weeks a year in advance. For East Coast of Florida destinations (Orlando, West Palm Beach, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville) arrange to arrive very early Saturday morning and leave no earlier than four pm on the following Sunday. This gives you great flexibility to go on any number of ships sailing from Port Canaveral, Jacksonville, Fort Lauderdale, Miami and even Tampa (if Orlando). Once you have your airline tickets, your travel agent can look for the cruise bargains.


Take Advantage of Next Cruise Booking Programs When You Sail

Many cruise lines offer on board booking bonuses for your next cruise vacation.  These are usually in the form of lower deposit requirements and on board credits for your next vacation.  You do not even need to know what ship or when you will sail when you make these bookings.  Most importantly, your future booking will automatically be done by the travel agency (Hopefully us) that booked your vacation.  Or, if you want to change agencies (hopefully, not us) just book your future cruise without naming your travel agency, and then give us a call and we will take it over and work with you to plan your next adventure.  And, even better,  the cruise line will give you certificates to share with friends who can then take advantage of the same offer, and travel with you on your next adventure.  Everyone wins!