Travel Tips


Before You Travel

1. Be sure you have the proper legal documentation required for the itinerary you are taking. This information is available on line at the cruise line, tour company or airline’s website or in you the documents your received from your travel agent.  If in doubt, ask your travel agent.

2. Leave your contact number with anyone who is caring for your children, home or pets.

3. If seasickness, car or air sickness may be of concern, consult your doctor or pharmacist and obtain medications, BEFORE YOU LEAVE HOME.

4. Check airline and cruiseline policies for traveling with hypodermic needles, if you take medications by injection.   For the latest information about traveling with medications, visit .

5. Review shore tours or optional land tours for your vacation on the cruise line’s website or tour company site.  Either purchase them before you go or surf the internet and book directly with a tour operator on the island or in the city you are visiting. Be sure to get written confirmation that you will not be charged if the ship alters its itinerary. If you are a timid traveler, stick with the cruise line or tour company recommendations. If you are in a group of six or more, you almost always save money by booking directly before you go, or just negotiating with one of the cab drivers that will be waiting for cruise passengers at the pier. Reputable cab drivers are paid at the END of your time with them. In my experience, cab drivers in the Caribbean will take you to a beach and come back for you at a pre-arranged time. They will tell you the price up-front and will not ask for payment until they have returned you to the pier.  Of course, if you are one of Born To Travel’s clients all of this will be a service offerred to you before you go.

REMEMBER: IF YOU VENTURE OUT ON YOUR OWN, the ship WILL NOT WAIT FOR YOU. So, always schedule shopping along the pier for the end of the day. If you run late, you miss a little shopping, not the ship.